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1. What do the costs of arbitration include?

According to Article 34 of VIAC's Rules of Arbitration, costs of arbitration include:

  1. The expenses for remuneration of Arbitrators;

  2. The Centre’s administrative expenses;

  3. The expenses for travelling, accommodation and other relevant expenses of the Arbitrators as stipulated in the written Guidelines of the Centre in force at the time of preparing the estimate for the expenses; and the expenses for other assistance at the request of the Arbitral Tribunal;

  4. The expenses for inspection and valuation of assets, the expenses for seeking expert advice.

2. How can the costs of arbitration be paid?
3. Can costs of arbitration be paid partially?
4. Where are the costs of arbitration transferred?
5. Shall the request for arbitration or the counterclaim be accepted if one of the parties doesn’t pay the costs of arbitration?
6. Who shall be charged for the costs of arbitration? How can the costs of arbitration be allocated?
7. Shall the value of dispute include the costs of arbitration?
8. How can the refund of arbitration costs be stipulated? What is the rate of refund? When shall the costs arbitration be refundable or not be refundable?
9. Are the lawyer fees under the jurisdiction of the Arbitral Tribunal?
10. Which party to pay for the expenses for the cost of summoning witnesses?
11. Which party has to pay for expenses for inspection or valuation?
12. Which party has to pay for expenses for seeking expert advice?
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