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 What does VIAC mean?

When was VIAC established officially?

What is the purpose of VIAC?

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Arbitral agreement

What is the form of arbitration agreement ?

When is an arbitration agreement null and void?

Who cannot act as an arbitrator?

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What are the qualifications for being an Arbitrator?

When shall the arbitral proceedings finish?


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How shall the arbitral proceedings commence?

How can parties deliver notices or documents to VIAC?


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Arbitration cost

What do the costs of arbitration include?

How can the costs of arbitration be paid?


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Arbitral Tribunal

How many Arbitrators does an Arbitral Tribunal consist of? 

How can the constitution of a three-arbitrator Tribunal be implemented?

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Who can attend the Hearing?

Can the parties record or film at the hearing?


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Arbitral awards

What are the principles of making arbitral awards?

Can arbitral awards be appealed?

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