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1. Who can attend the Hearing?
According to Article 25.3 of VIAC's Rules of Arbitration, hearings shall be conducted in camera unless the parties have agreed otherwise. The parties shall have the right to invite witnesses and persons who protect their legal rights and interests to attend hearings and shall notify the Arbitral Tribunal prior to the date of hearings. The Arbitral Tribunal, on its own initiative or at the request of a party, shall have the power to invite the organization or individual conducting the inspection or the valuation of assets and the experts as stipulated in Article 19 to attend hearings. The Arbitral Tribunal may permit other persons to attend hearings if the parties so consent.
2. Can the parties record or film at the hearing?
3. Can arbitrators proceed with a hearing parties without the presence of the parties or either of parties?
4. When does either of the parties have right to postpone a hearing? What are the relevant requirements of the postponement? Which party has to pay the expenses arising?
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