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1. What are the qualifications for being an Arbitrator?
Pursuant to Article 20 of Law on Commercial Arbitration 2010, a person with all the following qualifications may act as arbitrators:
a) Having full civil legal capacity as prescribed in the Civil Code;
b) Having a university qualification and at least five years’ work experience in the discipline which he or she studied;
c) In special cases an expert with highly specialized qualifications and considerable practical experience may still be selected to act as an arbitrator notwithstanding he/she fails to satisfy the requirements prescribed in sub-clause (b) above.
Pursuant to the Charter of VIAC, person filing application for admission as arbitrator of the Centre shall satisfy the conditions as follows:
1. General conditions
a) Age from 30 to 70;
b) University-graduated and having experience to work in this field no less than 8 years, except for experts with high level of profession and experience;
c) Committing to resolve the disputes independently, objective and fair; Ready to participate in the activities of the Centre; endeavor to contribute to the development of the Centre.
2. Additional conditions
In addition to the conditions provided in paragraph 1 above, person filing application for admission for arbitrator shall satisfy one of the conditions as follows:
a) Having been arbitrator in the three previous disputes resolved by arbitration, or
b) Being in List of Arbitrator of a worldwide-accepted arbitration organization and has resolved at least one dispute in this organization, or
c) Introduced by the professional society in nationwide level, or university or academy, or
d) Introduced by at least one of members of the Executive Committee;
The satisfaction of the applying person of those conditions does not guarantee that such person shall ex officio be admitted as arbitrator by the Centre. The consideration of the admission of a person as arbitrator of the Centre falls within the authority of the Executive Committee of the Centre.
2. Who cannot act as an arbitrator?
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