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1. What does VIAC mean?

VIAC is the English abbreviation of Vietnam International Arbitration Centre, which means "Trung tâm Trọng tài Quốc tế Việt Nam" in Vietnamese.

As being specified in the Charter of VIAC, VIAC is known as "Trung tâm Trọng tài Quốc tế Việt Nam" in Vietnamese or "Trung tâm Trọng tài Quốc tế Việt Nam bên cạnh Phòng Thương mại và Công nghiệp Việt Nam"; as “Vietnam International Arbitration Centre” in English or “Vietnam International Arbitration Centre at the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry”.

2. When was VIAC established officially?
3. Is VIAC a governmental organization and does it have its legal status?
4. What is the purpose of VIAC?
5. How does VIAC function in arbitral proceedings?
6. Does VIAC directly resolve the disputes?
7. Which fields of disputes are under the jurisdiction of VIAC?
8. Can a foreign lawyer participate in the arbitral proceedings?
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