VIAC Arbitrator Luu Tien Dzung has published Case Law of Vietnam – Analyses and Commentaries - Book II

Feb 26, 2024

Following the first volume of the book titled "Case Law of Vietnam - Analyses and Commentaries" (covering case laws from number 01 to number 43), in early 2024, Dr. Luu Tien Dzung, continued to compile and publish the second volume. This volume provides analyses and commentaries on case law ranging from number 44 to number 70.

Dr. Luu Tien Dzung – Partner at YKVN, VIAC's Listed Arbitrator, has compiled and published the book "Case Law of Vietnam - Analyses and Commentaries - Book II". This book continuously dedicates to summarising and analysing the decisions from Precedent No. 44 to the most recently published Precedent No. 70. The book also examines these decisions through the relevant applicable regulations, the absence or ambiguity of relevant regulations, and the equity behind these decisions. It then raises a number of issues to be considered when applying these case laws.

Mr. Luu Tien Dzung shared that he spent considerable time in researching, starting from the first published case law. Throughout the research process, his impression was that the decisions in the case law were all consistently rational; however, the author also admitted that it was a bit challenging to understand the rationale behind these decisions.

Approaching the published case law, a series of questions were raised, making the author more interested and pursuing an in-depth study and research. Through this book, the author hoped to contribute to a better understanding of the legal nature of each case law, thereby assisting readers to apply appropriately in cases with similar circumstances.

With that approach, the author would first cite the relevant regulations. The regulations are not limited to those listed at the beginning of the case law but are expanded to include those that the author believes are relevant to the legal issues in that case. Subsequently, the author provided an explanation of the decision of the case law through the analysis of the relevant regulations. Finally, the author highlights a number of considerations and notes that may need to be taken into when applying a specific case law.

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