[VIAC Supported Events] Seoul ADR Festival 2023

Oct 25, 2023

Vietnam International Arbitration Centre is pleased to be supporting organization of the Seoul ADR Festival 2023.

The Seoul ADR Festival (SAF) was first launched in 2015 under the support of the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board (KCAB) and since then it has grown into an internationally recognized ADR event. This year, the theme of Seoul ADR Festival 2023 (SAF 2023) will be “New World, No Map”. The objective is to pose honest and direct questions about how we intend to navigate this new world without a map.

There will be over 29 events throughout this year's Seoul ADR Festival week, and you can register for the sessions hosted by various global arbitral institutions, law firms, and service providers.

(See the SAF 2023 master Timetable here)

To sign up for these events, please visit the SAF website and access the registration portals specific to each event: https://www.seouladrfestival.com/

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