Webinar on Arbitration and Mediation in Vietnam in the context of Covid-19: Some practical guidelines to mitigate Pandemic’s impacts on enterprises’ commercial activities

May 25, 2020
Event date: 05/26/2020
Venue: Live streaming on Zoom platform
Time: 14:30 - 16:00

The COVID-19 pandemic is now questioning almost all nations on matters of public health and infection control measures and at the same time of stimulating the economic recovery. A huge number of enterprises/industries have encountered unpredictable hardships and/or disruption in the first phases of the pandemic when their commercial transactions being suspended or interrupted, which has led many of them to financial (cash-flow) crisis, unwanted legal risks of contract breach, hardships, force majeure and in worst scenario of legal disputes.

Aiming at supporting the businesses to prevent and manage legal risks; and also to be well-prepared with knowledge of effective dispute resolution methods in order to mitigate the damage by the COVID-19, Vietnam International Arbitration Center (VIAC) and Vietnam Mediation Centre (VMC) co-host a webinar entitled "Arbitration and Mediation in Vietnam in the context of Covid-19 - Some practical guidelines to mitigate Pandemic’s impacts on enterprises’ commercial activities".

  • Time: 26th (Tuesday) May, 2020
  • Live streaming on Zoom platform


  1. Existing and possible legal risks that enterprises undergo in the time of the global pandemic.
  2. Highlights for businesses regarding resolving disputes by arbitration and mediation in the time of COVID-19.


  • Mr. Phan Trong DAT – Permanent Deputy Director of Vietnam Mediation Centre (a division of VIAC), Vice Secretary General of VIAC;
  • Mr. TONY Nguyen – FCIArb, VIAC Listed Arbitrator;
  • Mr. Ngo Khac LE – VIAC Listed Arbitrator;
  • Mr. Le NET – Partner of LNT & Partners, VIAC Listed Arbitrator;
  • Ms. Pauline Low – Senior Cousel of Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC);
  • Mr. Steven Lim – Independent Arbitrator;
  • Ms. Vu Thi HANG – Counsel, Vietnam International Arbitration Centre (VIAC).


Before the Webinar, VIAC will collect questions from businesses facing legal risks from the Pandemic outbreak. Questions will be divided into 03 categories:

  • Logistics and International freight forwarding;
  • Activities of construction projects; and
  • Bankruptcy in the Pandemic 

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This webinar is in series of activities in response to Vietnam Commercial Arbitration and Mediation Week 2020 (VAW 2020), which is the first dispute resolution forum in Vietnam taking place in June this year. Further details of the activities will be announced on VIAC's official communication channels in a foreseeable future.


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