Arbitration - Mediation Symposium 2024: Third parties and influences on arbitral proceedings

Feb 28, 2024

Currently, the efficiency of resolving disputes by arbitration, in particular and by alternative disputes resolutions (be abbreviated to “ADRs”), in general has been recognized by business community. Accordingly, not only did the number of cases resolved through arbitration and mediation significantly increase, but there was also a diversity of industries and parties’ nationalities.

In the context of increasing disputes and applying Law on Commercial Arbitration 2010 (be abbreviated to “LCA”) during over 13 years, many matters of enhancing, completing legal framework of arbitration have been raised and deeply discussed by experts. Apart from other issues relating to arbitral procedures, the matter of disputing parties was also thoroughly considered. In practices, it can be seen that besides of disputing parties (regulated in LCA), third parties have participated in many cases in different roles and they are able to make significant impacts on the effectiveness and rapidity of arbitration. Nevertheless, due to being known as private method and only having effect on the parties whom are included in arbitration agreement clause, the definition, rights and obligations of “third parties” have not been regulated in arbitration legislation, especially in Vietnam. As a result, it apparently has led to a lot of difficulties when resolving disputes. Regarding this problem, in many countries, there have been such suggestions for providing mechanisms for third parties, however, requests for a consensus between the parties in arbitration presented a challenge on above-mentioned suggestions as well as led to many arguments among experts.

Aiming to discussing issues of third-parties factor in arbitral proceedings through analyzing Vietnam legal framework and international practices, along with giving recommendations for mechanisms for third parties in arbitration legislation, Vietnam International Arbitration Centre (VIAC) collaborating with law training institutions and other partners decided to organize the Arbitration – Mediation Symposium 2024 with the theme of “Third parties and influences on arbitral proceedings”.


  • Time: from 22nd March 2024 to 11th April 2024
  • Location: in Ho Chi Minh City
  • Format: hybrid event (online & offline)


*Note: Detailed information of each event will be updated continously.


8:00 AM - 11:30 AM

22nd March 2024

Offline + OnlineWorkshop 1: Interim measures in arbitration and impacts of third partiesRegister here

8:00 AM - 11:30 AM

29th March 2024

Offline + OnlineWorkshop 2: The execution of arbitral award and issues arising from the third partiesRegister here

8:00 AM - 11:30 AM

05th April 2024

Offline + OnlineWorkshop 3: Mediation in arbitral proceedings: Neutral third parties’ roles and influences on resolving disputesRegister here

8:00 AM - 11:30 AM

11th April 2024

Offline + OnlineClosing Symposium: Completing the third parties’ mechanisms for facilitating the arbitral proceedingsRegister here



Arbitration - Mediation Symposium is an event series launched at the beginning of each year and conducted during the first quarter. Not only does this series provide participants with helpful in-depth forum; but it also makes contribution to supporting the parties in resolving disputes effectively and improving legal framework of ADRs in Vietnam.

Any detailed information about AMS, please contact:

Ms. Trinh Bui - Phone: 028 3932 1632 - Email: trinh.bui@viac.org.vn

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