VIAC & USAID co-hosts the Arbitrator Skills Camp

Dec 22, 2023

HANOI, Vietnam – On the morning of 29 November 2023, the Vietnam International Arbitration Centre (VIAC) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), in collaboration through a technical assistance mechanism, proudly announced the commencement of “Arbitrator Skills Camp”. This training, set to unfold over five consecutive days (from 29 November to 03 December 2023), is dedicated to enhancing the capacity and skills of arbitrators who participate in dispute resolution through arbitration in Vietnam.

Trainers, Trainees and VIAC & USAID’s representatives

As one of the few intermediate and advanced arbitration courses available in Vietnam, this Arbitrator Skills Camp places a significant emphasis on the pivotal role played by arbitrators in arbitration proceedings. The program is set to host 40 trainees, comprising of arbitrators and members of the VIAC Secretariat, and provides them with a unique opportunity to refine their skills and deepen their understanding of the complexities involved in arbitration proceedings.

International professionals provide lectures in the Skills Camp

Mr. Vu Anh Duong, Permanent Vice President cum Secretary General of Vietnam International Arbitration Centre (VIAC), delivered a compelling opening speech emphasizing VIAC’s unwavering dedication to its core mission over the past three decades. VIAC aims to be reliable destination where businesses and investors engaged in economic activities in Vietnam need a confidential, convenient, and effective dispute resolution method. Beyond being merely an arbitration institution, VIAC strives to promote arbitration methods and other alternative dispute resolutions (ADR) in Vietnam and further develop the community of arbitration and ADRs practitioners. This support enables ADRs to become an effective dispute resolution mechanism for the business community and promotes Vietnam as an attractive destination for international trade and investment.
Mr. Vu Anh Duong, Permanent Vice President cum Secretary General of Vietnam International Arbitration Centre (VIAC) delivered his opening speech

Mr. Vu Anh Duong also emphasized the importance of enhancing the skills and expertise of arbitrators, especially in Vietnam’s current developing market. Quoting a classic phrase in international arbitration: “Arbitration is only as good as arbitrator”, Mr. Vu Anh Duong stressed that the success of an arbitration case hinges significantly on the arbitrator’s skill and expertise, especially when more and more complex and high-stake disputes emerge. VIAC, with the support of USAID, brings arbitrators to the comprehensive five-day course, which will cover various topics and aspects of international arbitration.

Lastly, Mr. Duong expressed his sincere gratitude to USAID Vietnam for its various activities aimed at promoting institutional reforms and enhancing the competitive capacity of Vietnam's economy. He specifically acknowledged USAID's efforts in promoting the use of arbitration and mediation, and the technical support provided to carry out this program. He also expressed hope that the USAID's support would continue, and further contribute to the profound development of expertise in the field of arbitration.

Ms. Nguyen Khanh Cam Chau, Program Management Specialist and Digital Development Advisor for USAID/Vietnam delivered her opening speech

Ms. Nguyen Khanh Cam Chau, Program Management Specialist and Digital Development Advisor for USAID/Vietnam highlighted the importance of dispute resolution by arbitration and other alternative dispute resolutions in the current environment. Ms. Chau further observed that Vietnam is currently one of the world’s fastest growing and attractive markets, serving as a significant partner with many countries in the region in trade and investment. However, alongside promising opportunities, Vietnam still faces many challenges and opportunities in its economic development, especially in a post-COVID world and because of the current geo-politic tension around the world. As the global market fluctuates, and increased risks and disputes rise, the need to improve the quality and efficiency of private dispute resolution mechanisms, such as arbitration and mediation, is more pressing than ever. These dispute resolutions, which prove flexible and adaptable to the needs and preferences of international trade and investment parties, are critical for the future.

The Overview of the Arbitrator Skills Camp

This is why USAID has been supporting Vietnam in strengthening its legal and institutional framework and its capacity for private dispute resolution mechanisms, in collaboration with VIAC and other stakeholders. USAID Vietnam has been providing technical assistance, training, and advocacy to promote the development and use of arbitration and mediation in Vietnam aligns with international standards and best practices.

VIAC’s Listed Arbitrators and Secretariat as Trainees in the Arbitrator Skills Camp

This Arbitration Skills Camp represents USAID and VIAC’s commitment to providing high-quality arbitration services and contributing to the advancement of the arbitration landscape in Vietnam. It reflects USAID and VIAC’s dedication to professionalism and efficiency in addressing the evolving demands of the Vietnamese market.

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