Vietnam CISG Pre-Moot 2020

Jan 03, 2020
Event date: 03/08/2020
Venue: Foreign Trade University

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The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) founded in 1980 is one of the most successful international treaties in the field of trade. This Convention applies to sales contracts between buyers and sellers having their registered offices in countries which are members of the Convention. On December 18th, 2015, Vietnam officially ratified its accession to the CISG to become the 84th member of the Convention. The Vienna Convention went into effect on January 1st. The Moot Arbitration Contest on CISG is designed to give Vietnamese students the opportunity to learn and apply the CISG as well as the ability to resolve disputes by arbitration. Around the world, there are a number of Moot contests on CISG such as Vismoot in Vienna, Vismoot in Hong Kong, Pre-moot in Malaysia, etc.

Being the first Moot contest in Vietnam with the topic CISG - the 1980 United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, Vietnam CISG Moot 2019 is expected to receive much attention from young people who have passion for Law and, in particular, the Commercial Law and CISG.

With the aim of creating a playground for students to learn, apply CISG and improve their litigation skills in English, the Vietnam CISG Pre-Moot contest continues to be held in 2020 and promises to bring interesting things to contestants participating.

Registrationform: Registration time: 15/12/2019 – 12/01/2020.


For more information, please contact Vietnam CISG Moot:


Hotline: Ms. Nguyen Luu Thao Nhi: 0945080450.

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