Vietnam CISG Pre-Moot 2024

Dec 22, 2023

The Vietnam CISG Pre-Moot has been successfully taken place for five seasons. Embarking on the next leg of this journey, Vietnam CISG Pre-Moot 2024: Enigmatrix has officially kicked off, welcoming outstanding candidates - brave warriors who will use their legal knowledge and skills to resolve disputes in international trade. This year, Vietnam CISG Pre-Moot 2024 will continue as a mock arbitration hearing based on cases concerning the 1980 Vienna Convention. Foreign Trade University, Vietnam International Arbitration Centre (VIAC), and other organizing committees aspire that Vietnam CISG Pre-Moot 2024 will serve as a stimulating academic platform for students to enhance their legal knowledge and skills while expanding their network with other students and professionals.   

Successfully registered teams will prepare and perform in the Preliminary Round and may proceed to Oral Hearing Rounds from 01st January to 03rd March 2024. Teams passing the Preliminary Round will participate in Elimination, Quarter-final, Semi-final, and Final. Throughout the competition, the organizing committee will hold a webinar series to equip participants with relevant knowledge and arbitration pleading skills.
The Preliminary Round is initiated on 01 January 2024. If eligible students want to join Vietnam CISG Pre-Moot 2024, you can team up and register at >>> http://bit.ly/VietnamCISGPre-MootRegistration
For detailed information about Vietnam CISG Pre-Moot 2024, please access:
Vietnam CISG Pre-Moot 2024 is updated at: https://www.facebook.com/VN.CISGPremoot/
Vietnam CISG Pre-Moot 2024’s Problem: https://bit.ly/Cisg2024_Problem
Vietnam CISG Pre-Moot 2024’s Rules: https://bit.ly/cisg2024_Rules
Connecting and Supporting Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1350089431836309/ 

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