Seminar on Trade & Investment between Korea & Vietnam: Finding opportunities in adversities

Jun 19, 2023
Within the framework of Vietnam ADR Week 2023 (VAW2023), on the morning of 8 May 2023 in Hanoi, the Vietnam International Arbitration Centre (VIAC), in collaboration with the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board (KCAB), organized the Seminar on “Trade & Investment between Korea & Vietnam: Finding opportunities in adversities”.

Speakers & Panelists attending the Seminar

The Seminar honorably has the presence of nearly 150 delegates from Vietnamese enterprises that regularly cooperate with Korean partners, Korean enterprises investigating and operating in Vietnam, representatives of business associations, lawyers, arbitrators/mediators, lecturers, etc.

Dr. Vu Tien Loc – Chairman and President of the Vietnam International Arbitration Centre (VIAC) delivered his opening remark at the Seminar

In the opening speech, Dr. Vu Tien Loc – Chairman and President of the Vietnam International Arbitration Centre (VIAC) – highlighted that Vietnam and Korea are both pioneering economies and their business communities, which have embraced integration and enjoy widespread access to markets, are facing enormous pressures of an unpredictable changing world.

The world has been facing the detrimental impacts of climate change, epidemics, wars, geopolitical movements, the disruption of supply chains, rising inflation rate pressure, the global recession, etc. The digital transformation revolutions, and green transformation, not only bring up opportunities but also put enormous pressures and increasingly fierce competition on economies and enterprises community, especially which in developing countries.

Overview of the Seminar

"Normally, in an unpredictable and fiercely competitive world, risks and disputes tend to increase; therefore, risks management, effective dispute prevention and dispute resolution must be a core competitiveness of enterprises and economies. This is core things that businesses need to pay attention to and is also an important criterion in evaluating a business investment environment", Dr. Vu Tien Loc emphasized.

Mr. Dau Anh Tuan - Vice Secretary-General cum Director of the Legal Department of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) delivered his speech at the Seminar

At the Seminar, Mr. Dau Anh Tuan - Vice Secretary-General cum Director of the Legal Department of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) presented a comprehensive overview of the economy in Vietnam, as well as challenges and opportunities in some notable sectors and industries.

Mr. Hong Sun - Chairman of the Korean Chamber of Business in Vietnam (KOCHAM) delivered his speech in the Seminar

On behalf of the Korean Chamber of Business in Vietnam (KOCHAM), Mr. Hong Sun - Chairman of KOCHAM, also shared the concerns and investment trends of Korean enterprises in Vietnam and general observations regarding trade and investment activities between the two nations.

Speakers and panelists also discussed M&A trends in a volatile economic era from the perspective of managers of transactions and disputes.

Speakers presented at the Session 2 of the Workshop

In the Session 2 of the Workshop, the speakers focused on discussing M&A trends during economic vicissitudes from the transactional & dispute management viewpoints. Specifically, Vietnam’s real estate market is confronted with substantial challenges arising from various factors, such as the widespread impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic and the constraints on accessing capital and credit that numerous domestic enterprises currently encounter. As a result, projects in Vietnam, whether in progress or completed, are long delayed during the following stages. In addition, the retail market in Vietnam since the outbreak of the pandemic has also undergone radical changes, posing many new challenges but also potential opportunities for new enterprises to enter the sector (for example, the temporary closure of a series of conventional food stores has caused a significant change in behavior of consumers, leading to the shift of consumer activity from traditional channels to e-commerce platforms). The Vietnam government is also trying to respond to the new situation, focusing on attracting foreign investors and other resources from abroad. Although the current context creates many challenges and obstacles, it can also bring up opportunities for businesses and investments.

Discussion session on M&A trends during economic vicissitudes – From the transactional & dispute management viewpoints

Session 2 was moderated by Attorney at Law, Mr. Logan Leung, Deputy Managing Partner of Rajah & Tann, with the participation of speakers: Attorney at Law, Mr. Lee Myung Jae, Partner and Head of Asia Team, Yulchon LLC; Attorney at Law, Mr. Doan Nhat Minh, Senior Associate at VILAF; Ms. Vu Thi Hang, Deputy Manager of the Vietnam International Arbitration Centre (VIAC) Secretariat; and, Mr. Steve Kim, Secretary General of Korea Commercial Arbitration Board (KCAB).



The first-ever VAW hosted by VIAC in 2020 grew into a significant series of activities that connected domestic and international arbitration practitioners and served as a forum for ADR experts to express their views for the improvement of the quality of arbitration. The Week so continues to be organized with the goal of contributing to enhance the competitiveness of the economy and business community, and facilitate the economic, trade, investment, scientific and technological cooperation between domestic and foreign entities in Vietnam.

In 2023, for the first time, the Vietnam ADR Week is co-organised by VBLC and VIAC, the two leading organisations in legal practice and arbitration advocacy in Vietnam, in association with the direct supports from reputable organisations in the arbitration and ADRs in global and Asia, such as the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA), Singaporean International Arbitration Center (SIAC), Asian International Arbitration Center (AIAC), Korean Commercial Arbitration Board (KCAB), etc. 

The VAW 2023 focused on legal risk prevention and dispute resolution and how those activities should adapt to the vibrant Asia, strongly bouncing back post COVID. VAW 2023 is also an opportunity to extend our outreach and strengthen partnerships, enabling us to build connections within Vietnam, across the region, and throughout the world. Through these connections, we hope to enhance the significance of arbitration in Vietnam, and eventually establish Vietnam as a prominent choice for resolving disputes between parties.




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